18 February 2021

For The Love of Gifting

Chap Goh Meh is known as the Chinese equivalent to the Valentine occasion. This year, you may not be able to go out on a fancy dinner date due to the global pandemic situation, but this does not mean that you should skip the gifting part! We know, this is the time of the year that you might need help for ideas the most. So, we’re here to help you by listing out the perfect Chap Goh Meh gifting guide.

Here are some ideas for the perfect Chap Goh Meh gift that you will love!

Chap Goh Meh Gift Guide For Him and Her


Strong, stoic, heroic, tough, resilient – these are the characteristics of our Ginepro Nero (Black Juniper) range. With Black Juniper as it’s main ingredient, its long, pointed leaves that scratch the air all around, scenting it with their pungent, sharp aroma.

Their infinite vital energy that will remind you of Mediterranean maquis with spectacular views of the sea on the horizon. Its refreshing citrusy and woody scents are perfect for men making it the perfect gift for the special man in your life.

Our suggestion:

Black Juniper Energising Aftershave Lotion

Every man’s skin can benefit from the restorative effect of this Aftershave Lotion, ideal to find comfort after the stress caused by the razor. 

Ebony, a symbol of fire, energy and power, has an irresistible charm that is capable of boosting energy. Filled with a citrus and woody notes that envelopes a masculine fragrance. The mysterious allure of Ebony is designed as an irresistible Perfume for men.

Our suggestion:

Notes of Ebony Shower Shampoo

This practical Cleanser for the Body and Hairwill help tireless modern men regain their vitality. Contains hydrolysed Cedarwood protein that is excellent for hair’s well-being, creating an invisible layer on the surface of the hair shaft and preserving its hydration.


This Chap Goh Meh, surprise her with a bouquet of delightful scents of rose and cherry blossom. Rose is the symbol of love and par excellence. Its scent could make people fall in love. The Rose petals are both strong and fragile, with its scent dedicated to femininity and beauty. The sweet, citrusy and floral scent of Cherry Blossom will make you reminisce of the cloud-like blossomed Cherry trees. L’erbolario’s Rosa (Rose) and Ciliegi (Cherry Blossom) range are the perfect gift for your other half.

Our suggestions:

Rose Perfumed Nourishing Hand Cream

Restore the natural well being of your hands, banishing any reddening and dryness, while delicately scent your hand.

Rose Eau de Parfum

The very delicate fragrance of Rose, the most beloved flower and recognized symbol of beauty, distinguishes as the most feminine of fragrances.

Tra I Ciliegi Perfumed Body Cream

Rich in beneficial vitamins, antioxidant extract, softening distilled water and elasticizing oil extracted from its seeds, leaving skin toned and nourished.

Tra I Ciliegi Magic Action Exfoliating Body Oil-Gel

An exfoliating massage to remove superficial impurities and dead skin cells. When in contact with water, it transforms into a pleasant milky emulsion, leaving the skin velvety to the touch.

Have you found the perfect gift from our list? We hope this guide is helpful for you!


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