21 August 2020

How To Get Perfect Hair & Smooth Skin

Looking for the perfect shampoo that can save your hair from becoming drier and duller? A body shampoo with new fragrance and suitable for sensitive skin? A body cream that can moisturise your skin and prevent premature ageing at the same time? 

Worry no more as we have the perfect solutions for you! 

1. L’Erbolario Real Effect Intense Nourishment Shampoo

Everyday, our hair will be exposed to water, chemicals from hair styling products and heat from hair dryer. Prolong exposure to these elements will cause our hair to dry, brittle and appears dull. With Real Effect Intense Nourishment Shampoo, you can get that shiny and silky smooth hair back.

It is truly capable of repairing damaged hair due to the Restructuring Complex that was obtained from Chestnut Honey, Royal Jelly, Hibiscus Flower, Bitter orange and Sweet Orange Blossom.

This shampoo is also designed strengthen and smoothen your hair, making them appear more silky, glossy and full of life. Adios tangled, dry and brittle hair!

2. L’Erbolario Papavero Soave Shower Gel

It’s not often to find a fragrant shower gel that is suitable for extremely sensitive and fragile skin. You can now treat yourself with a relaxing bath of graceful poppies fragrance with Papavero Soave Shower Gel every single day. 

This shower gel won’t cause skin redness and irritation due to its delicate and gentle washing agents. With its key ingredients of powerful antioxidants and Oat Amino Acids, a thin protective layer will be left on the skin and act as a defender against dehydration, leaving your skin constantly nourished and moisturised.

3. L’Erbolario Fiore Dell’Onda Body Cream

This body cream is definitely a must-have in your beauty regime. Fiore Dell’Onda, which means flower of the wave, comes in fluid formula body cream which can be easily absorbed by the skin. 

This soft and smooth body cream is perfect for those who wants to get rid of skin dryness, reddening and also stops premature ageing. Just a small amount of the body cream is needed to be massage onto the skin as it will be absorbed easily without leaving any trace.

With its key ingredients such as extracts of Alga Nori, Blue Water Lily, Laminaria digitata in Grape-seed oil, and Organic Sunflower Oil, your skin will feel soft, moisturised, and compact.

4. L’Erbolario Osmanthus Perfumed Soap

Prefer a bar soap but with a powerful fragrant? Then you will fall in love with Osmanthus Perfumed Soap. It will gently cleanses and preserves your skin moisture, thanks to the Cotton Oil and Cocoa Butter contained in this perfumed soap’s special formula. Your skin will feel like it’s being caressed by the wonderful fragrance of Osmanthus flowers every day!


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