19 January 2021

Seasonal Scents For this New Year to Bring You the Best Luck!

New Year, New Scent!

Change is inevitable and this was proven to all of us since the breakout of global pandemic last year. This 2021, why not add a fun change to your new ‘new normal’ routine? Try out a new scent that suits best your personality and get the best of luck in both life and career aspect this year. ;)

Let’s have a look at the list of lucky scents for 2021

1. Dahlia

Symbolize: Elegance, Inner Strength, Creativity and Dignity. 

In the world of flowers, these blooms stand for a person who believes in the values and affirmations of oneself. They are also known to represent one who stands strong in her sacred values. Shades of Dahlia Perfume scent incorporates the immersive blend of a light airy truffle caramel perfume with top notes of pear and airy floral. A feminine, fascinating perfume that pays homage to the exotic and sumptuous beauty of Dahlias.

Shades of Dahlia Perfumed Body Cream, a rich cream with an enchanting fragrance and with extract of Dahlia, will make the skin of your body shine with beauty just like the flower at the height of its flowering. The extracted distilled water of the natural flowers brings the upmost hydration, protection and gentle cleansing towards all skin types.

2. Rose

Symbolize: Love, Romance, Secrecy and Confidentiality.

The classic Rose scent that is floral and fresh. Roses are the majestic universal symbol of love! The Rose scent is relaxing and restorative as it encourages us to breathe deep and slowly, grounding us back to earth.

Rose Perfume Shower Gel provides daily bath ritual with a new sensation and pure Rose scents. The caressing and provocative scent incorporates three beloved aromatic extracts: the Peruvian Pepper, Pale rose and Hollyhock, a combination that forms a powerful antioxidant to protect and soften the most delicate and sensitive skin. 

If you love a rich, very light, yet not oily cream, Rose Perfumed Body Cream is the perfect pair for you. It will nourishes your skin, leaving it silky soft thanks to the softening properties of Marsh Mallow extracts, Rose extract, and Jojoba oil.

3. Meadowsweet

Symbolize: Spring season, Devotion, Friendship.

The blend of these small flowers is what spring is made of. The smell of its light, fresh aroma lingers in the breeze. The creamy white clusters of flowers in damp meadows produce a wonderful sweet almond like heave scent. Spritz Queen of Meadow Eau de Perfume on your body after showering or before going out and let the blend of meadowsweet flowers evokes a sense of purity and innocence in you.

Queen of Meadow Shower Gel is delicate even on the most sensitive skin. It’s extremely appealing from the sweet smell and innocent perfume note that immediately offers the sensation of total immersion in Nature during the return of the spring. Containing extracts of Meadowsweet, Daisy and Chamomile, it will improve your skin’s elasticity, provide excellent toning, refreshing and softening virtues, offering your skin plenty of protection and enhancing its natural splendor.

4. Silver Bouquet

Symbolize: Good Luck, Admiration, and Protection.

The citrusy and aromatic fragrant of our Silver Bouquet product are made from extracts of plants whose leaves have stunning silvery shades such as Heather and Clary Sage. Our phytocosmetic laboratories have created the Silver Bouquet perfumed line with a rich concentration in active ingredients that moisturise, tone and protect skin, even very delicate skin.

5. Gold Bouquet

Symbolize: Strength, Wealth and Divinity.

The floral scent of our Gold Bouquet range will bring you the upmost luck this year! Just like gold, a valuable mineral, this range resembles glorious strength, movement and incorruptible splendor. It is life, memory of love and sacred, supremely divine.

The Gold Bouquet products were incorporated with gold-colored flowers - Yellow Iris, Solidago, Primrose – and paired this very magnificent bouquet with an equally rich and valuable ingredient for the skin: the golden Acacia Honey. The sweet moisturizing and replenishing notes of honey combined with the antioxidant extract of Soladigo and Primrose flowers form a rich, pleasurable experience; enveloping upmost wellness.

6. Primaverde

Symbolize: Spring season.

Re-awakened your emotions with the smell of blooming spring season of Primaverde Eau de Parfum. The green note of Nature that is renewed in spring, the floral fruity scent to express a newly-found world of sweet serenity.

Envelope yourself with the floral fruity of Primaverde Bath Foam and immerse your body and sensation in a bath of eternal spring. Either using it as a shower ritual or a pick-me-up bath, allow yourself a break and your skin to benefit from the best ingredients such as Amalfi Lemon, Bergamot, Mango, Papaya, Mandarin Orange and Peach.

The natural and organic extract of the Primula Veris flowers and roots produce a precious antioxidant effect with the addition of wheat amino acids and sweet almond proteins that protects even the most sensitive skin against drying. Resulting in an elastic and wonderfully soft outcome.

Can’t decide? Take this quiz now to find out which one is your lucky scent this year!


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