22 January 2021

What is Shea Butter? Here’s Top 5 Reasons Why You Need L’erbolario Karité.

What is Shea Butter and where does it come from?

Shea Butter (also known as Karité) is a type of fat extracted from the nuts of Shea tree – a tropical African sapotaceous tree also known as Vitellaria paradoxa. Did you know that African women have been keeping an irreplaceable beauty secret since ancient time that is Shea Butter? Due to its amazing properties, many beauty enthusiasts have called it the Elixir of Youth.

Extracted only between mid-June and mid-September, the nut butter will be processed manually according to tradition. Given the presence of sterols, tocopherols, vitamins A, B, E and F, it can protect the skin against climatic aggressions while providing impressive cosmetic action with nourishing and hydrating benefits.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Lerbolario Karité Products

1. Nourishing & Moisturising Your Skin.

If you have dry, dull skin, Shea Butter it the perfect new best friend for you. It has softening and anti-dehydrating properties that will help retain moisture in the skin by forming a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, which reduce the loss of water, keeping your skin hydrated for long hours despite the hot or cold weather.

Thanks to its emollient properties, the rich tree nut oils in Shea Butter can soak into your skin and create a smooth and soft barrier that seals in moisture. This moisturising effect can last up to several hours. 

2. Anti-inflammatory & Suitable for All Skin Type.

Shea Butter has extensive anti-inflammatory properties. Redness and swelling on your face may be calmed after applying Shea Butter products on the affected area. Other than that, it will also tone your skin, leaving your skin compact and elastic.

It is safe to be used for most skin type – dry, combination or oily - and it has been used in cosmetics for centuries due to vitamins and fatty acids that hydrate and calm the skin.

3. Fair Trade Shea Butter

Our Shea Butter is known as fair trade Shea Butter since its trade generates a positive impact on the society involved in the harvesting and production. Poverty has been reduced, job has been created and thousands of women were hired, ensuring a better future for everyone. We source Shea Butter from sustainable supplies and produced by local communities in Burkina Faso. We have decided to respect this sacred nut tree and the importance of its processing has in African society. 

Shea butter trees are also a natural barrier to safeguard the environment and to combat desertification. It is for this reason that we use raw material, so that we could contribute in preventing any form of deforestation.

4. Natural & Organic Ingredient

Other than the fine fair trade Shea Butter, our Karite products also contains only natural and organic ingredients. It does not contain silicones, parabens, sulphate surfactants and petrolatum. We also do not tested our finished products on animals and our products does not contain animal-derived ingredients.

5. Multipurpose

The next best thing about Shea Butter is that it has a few properties that make it inhibit multipurpose usage. It can be used to soften and tames even the ‘frizziest’ hair, thanks to its incredible nourishing strength. Apply to your hair end like a mask before washing it thoroughly with shampoo.

Shea Butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Apply a small amount on your body, especially on face to condition, tone and soothe your skin.

When your lips are chapped from the cold weather or poor hydration, apply a small amount of Shea Butter on the dry lips area. The instant emollient and nourishing action of Shea Butter will repairs and protects them, restoring their beauty.

Curious to try them out? Now, it’s time to add Karite to your shopping cart!


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