3 November 2015

Goji: the treasure of the red diamond

Goji: the treasure of the red diamond

It is a precious ode, that of the Goji, from faraway lands, with its ruby red pearls that shine in the sun with all of their vitality waiting to be enjoyed, freshly picked, offering their flavour which resembles a combination of strawberry and raspberry.

Goji berries are a gift that nature gave to the Eastern lands over 2000 years ago, between the Himalayan valleys, the vast plains of China and the uncontaminated landscape of Mongolia. This treasure known as “Red Diamond” soon captured the heart of the Western world as well, thanks to its recognised antioxidant and vital value.

The tradition of this fruit, thousands of years old, now meets the desire for moisturised,protected, fresh and toned skin: from L’Erbolario research, all of the sophisticated and juicy expressiveness of the Goji berry is available in a line of organic products, certified according to the strict criteria of the COSMOS ORGANIC (COSMetics Organic Standard) European Standard which responds to the growing demand for cosmetics that implement the principles of safety, effectiveness and environmental eco-sustainability. From nature, for nature.

With the same love and care as always.


The history of the Goji is a story of well-being and beauty, the protagonist of myths and the subject of fascinating legends. Goji berries are associated to the name of Shen Nung, the legendary first emperor of China, who lived around 2800 A.C., considered as the father of Chinese agriculture and inventor of acupuncture. The most fascinating legend, however, is from 800 D.C.: in a Buddhist temple, in Tibet, there was a well surrounded by Goji berry bushes.

The fruits often fell into the well, releasing their precious properties, offeringwell-being, beauty and energy to anyone who drank from it. In China the use of this berry dates back to the dawn of time, while the appearance of the Goji plant in Western Europe is relatively recent: influential botanists believe that it came to Europe around 1740 thanks to the Duke of Argyll, a powerful Scotsman who christened it with the name of “The Duke of Argyll’s Tea Tree”. Today L’Erbolario has created this line of special products that captures the fascination of a distant tradition and gives your body the vitality of this prodigious fruit.


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Does not contain
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