5 May 2020

Quarantine Beauty Tips: Care For Your Hands

Quarantine Beauty Tips: Care For Your Hands

As we get used to the “new normal”, keeping our hands clean has become more important than ever. Personal hygiene is not something that we should take for granted, especially during times when we are not safe from viral infections, bacteria and germs!

But all that constant washing and sanitizing can take a toll on our hands. If the skin on your hands becomes prone to dryness, flaking and peeling, doing everyday housework is tough! 

L’Erbolario knows the importance of keeping you and your family’s hygiene in its best condition. And at the same time, we know how much you value products that are made with utmost care. 

1. Sanitize when outdoors, but wash when you’re at home. 

Avoid using too much alcohol-laden hand sanitizer when you’re at home – experts have said that cleansing with soap and water is more effective,

even more so if your hands are soiled or oily! Choose a liquid hand wash that contains moisturizing ingredients, so that your hands don’t feel rough and dry. 

                   Risposta Cleansing Gel

2. Don’t forget to reach all the easily-forgotten areas!

Under the nails, in between your fingers, around the wrists… these are areas that are often overlooked when we wash our hands quickly.

Make sure you take time to cleanse your hands as thoroughly as possible, especially if you just came back from grocery

shopping or delivery collection. 

   Leaves Fresh Foam Hand and Body Cleanser

3. Before you sleep, apply a nourishing hand cream.

Extensive use of your hands during MCO (like cooking, cleaning and washing) leaves your hands feeling dry and delicate. At night before going to bed,

apply a rich hand cream and give your hands a good massage, up to the elbows. Don’t like your hands feeling too greasy?

Apply what’s leftover on your legs and feet – double benefits!

             Argan Oil Anti-age Hand Cream

Not all handcare products were made equal.

L’Erbolario prides ourselves on using plant-derived ingredients to create our products with the help of modern technology.

The result is effective products that are beneficial to the skin, which we lovingly call “phytocosmetics”. All our products

DO NOT contain animal ingredients, and to be safe for sensitive skin, we regularly test our formulas to monitor the

content of 7 harmful metals: nickel, lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, antimony and chromium. 


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